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Strangers Abroad

Mar 25, 2020

One of the largest plights of traveling is not knowing exactly where you are. It doesn’t matter how many websites you have on a travel board on Pinterest or how long you have stared at Google Maps, once you land it is easy to take a wrong turn. 

Your internal GPS glitches out because you have no idea where you are. 

Mar 17, 2020

Our identities shift when we go abroad. When we leave the familiar surroundings of home, we start to see ourselves from a new light and angle of the sun. What will going abroad show us about ourselves that we couldn't see and help us take control of our own identities?

Guest Travelers: Michelle Carlo, Tayo Rockson,...

Mar 17, 2020

This mini episode is the prologue to the second season of Strangers Abroad. 


We all experience moments of anxiety during or around the planning of our trip . 


The planning. 


The packing. 


The waiting. 


And then the day arrives when our flight is about to take off. Carry us to far off corners of the world....