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Strangers Abroad

Apr 1, 2020

Out of all the states that we will travel to, traveling alone usually brings up the most trepidation in people. To many, that idea seems as foreign as the places they want to travel to. Why would you do anything alone? Why not just wait for someone? But that underlying fear might be because solitude is often misinterpreted as loneliness. Both mental states are present but we only have to entertain one. When we travel alone, we have conversations with ourselves that we can’t have when others are around. 


It offers a clear connection between our inner monologue and the solitude teaches us how to talk back. We could drown in a pool of our own loneliness or feel emboldened by the solitude.


Featured Guests:

Andrew McGill 

Julia Bainbridge 

J. Harvey- My Normal Gay Life 

Adventurous Kate