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Strangers Abroad

Jun 30, 2020

The more we travel, the more we find that home becomes more illusive. Home is a place we crave in our most harrowing moments and forget in the spontaneous bliss. 

But, the farther we travel from it, the more foreign it seems. It slowly becomes but a dream to us. Our lives consist of backpacks and tickets instead of a bed and a mortgage. 

Many of us left because home doesn’t provide all that it could for us. 

Others find gratitude in the homes they were raised in.  

Travelers begin to define home differently. It may no longer be a physical place, but a person, a landmass, a journal. 

We have to leave in order to find what needs to be discovered about ourselves or the world. 

Some of us don’t return. Others do. For those to choose to come back, they reinvest in their communities differently. They bring new ideas to old places. They teach those who don’t have as easy access to alternative ideas or traveling.

And if we do choose to return, it won’t feel the same as when we left. We are more sensitive now to the pain, the triggers, the traumas of a past life. But those who have truly grown in their travels know how to overcome, to throw away the snake skin of their metamorphosis and begin to make home better. 

Because they know home has been within them all along.

Featured Guests: Jeffery Enns, Georgia Clark, Cassandra Bianco, Laura Bronner