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Strangers Abroad

May 26, 2020

“What are the chances?”  is how it always starts. We bump into a middle school friend in Prague, book the same hotel as a high school friend in Argentina, or end up sitting next to someone from home on a bus in Ireland. 

When we travel, we sometimes find ourselves running into people we already know but didn’t expect to see. 

 Your brain is shocked because it is breaking your expectations.  For a moment, in a time where you have volunteered to be uncomfortable and out of your element, you have a moment of familiarity. 

Or maybe the same thing keeps happening to you, you see the same person over and over again, hear the same topic come up in conversations, or keep being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

But what do these coincidences really mean? 

Featured Guests: Yann Iunga, Sandi Marx, Sam Dingman


Are they just a sign from the universe or us just flipping the least unlikely coin?