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Strangers Abroad

Sep 20, 2017

What would you do if everything you worked for- successful company, healthy body, living in a great city-was suddenly taken away from you? Many survive the setbacks of unpredictable chaos and unpleasant events and are able to return to a normal life. But what about those who not only get back to where they were at, but grow even more? Who see life for the fleeting opportunity that it is and take these setbacks as a challenge to grow? We call those people antifragile. Deano’s story is the quintessential example of being antifragile- living in LA, having a budding tech company, being at physical peak and then all of that was taken away when he got into a horrible accident. After a year of physical therapy, instead of returning to the grind, he packed his bags and took full advantage of his new found strength and the opportunity to do what he was never able to before. Deano bought a one way ticket to Central America, lived abroad, learned spanish, hiked erupting volcanos, jumped over waterfalls and experienced the robustness life has to offer. In this episode, we discuss, How he became an entrepreneur How he got into a motorcycle accident Why he chose to travel to Latin America What it was like to hike volcanoes What he learned from his accident How he perceives his body- post accident Why he wanted to learn spanish What it was like to travel to Latin America What it was like to live in Latin America What his travels taught him Listen to his stories and adventures while traveling through Latin America His perspective on how the universe tests him