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Strangers Abroad

Feb 5, 2017

Do you resist office jobs the way cats resist pools of water? Do you need a life that keeps you moving, questioning, and searching for yourself outside of the bounds of the conventional path? David had those same questions and drives. In this episode, he opens up about the struggles and exhaustion of not fitting in or knowing what to do, which resulted into a lifestyle that harmed his body and mind. He realized that all of that was a way to escape something larger within himself, a way to distract the discontentedness of ordinary life. The drinking, the late nights, the lack of sleep, and rough lifestyle was wearing on his body/mind and he realized he needed to reconnect and take care of it, which led him to a more nurturing activity: yoga. At the time of this recording, David has been able to unite his passion for yoga and travel and was a yoga teacher at a hostel I stayed at in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. In this episode, he discusses the rewards he has found by stepping off the trail and walking down an unpaved route. Here is his story.