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Strangers Abroad

May 12, 2020

er, it seems that when we travel to new lands, what we are afraid of is more that we don’t know our surroundings. We are unfamiliar with the customs, our surroundings, the cultural mannerisms, the speed of the city, or even how to order. Our discomfort in a new place can prick our brains to believe that mischief looms behind every door. 


But that’s not to say that these malevolent moments don’t happen. They do. 

We get our passports stolen,

Hopelessly lost



Grabbed at 

Lied to 

These moments are part of the process. Our travels aren’t always filled with Instagram ready pictures, there are plenty of alarming moments in between. 

In this episode, we tell the stories we don’t want to share with new travelers. 

All of the fears that we have around travel will bubble to the service, and we will do our best to burst the misleading stories on how dangerous the world is.

Featured Guests: What the Pho, Punk Dads Abroad, Adam Selbst, Dawn Fletcher