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Strangers Abroad

Mar 17, 2020

This mini episode is the prologue to the second season of Strangers Abroad. 


We all experience moments of anxiety during or around the planning of our trip . 


The planning. 


The packing. 


The waiting. 


And then the day arrives when our flight is about to take off. Carry us to far off corners of the world. Maybe new adventures or repeating affairs. 


But that anxiety doesn’t leave. 


Getting to the airport. 

Going through check-in, 


finding the gate,

smooshing yourself onto the plane 

and finding your seat. 


But then there is the fear of leaving all that you once knew. 

Saying goodbye to loved ones. Putting your normal life on pause. 

Every familiar sound, smell, and comfort will be thousands of miles away, and you don't know what you are getting yourself into. 


This episode explores the stages of anxiety we experience before we take off and how to buckle up for what is coming next.