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Strangers Abroad

Jan 23, 2017

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Are you about to finish university and have a future that is unsettlingly open? Are you afraid you don’t have a clear direction and are nervous about leaving the structure of school? Are you uncertain on whether you should take a little time to go find yourself and journey to someplace new? These were all questions that were plaguing Lisa from Germany, who I met on a tiny boat late at night in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. We talk about her research, her decision to travel and be out of her comfort zone. Hear her story and reflection about choosing to travel a distance corner of the world instead of jumping right into a career- and the rewards she would have never received had she stayed in her homeland. Hear her story on Strangers Abroad! Download and subscribe to Strangers Abroad on iTunes! This episode was edited by Jay Dixit, sound engineered by Sean Sullivan, and music was provided by Josh Brechner.