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Strangers Abroad

Mar 25, 2020

One of the largest plights of traveling is not knowing exactly where you are. It doesn’t matter how many websites you have on a travel board on Pinterest or how long you have stared at Google Maps, once you land it is easy to take a wrong turn. 

Your internal GPS glitches out because you have no idea where you are. 

Nothing is familiar. Everything is novel. Which makes it easier to get turned around. 

And while we are exploring, we are bound to loose a few things along the way. A backpack, hostel keys, or favorite pair of earrings. Pieces of us go missing and found in other people's way. 

But it isn’t just a physical location or losing an object that gives us a sense of misdirection, sometimes we feel lost in life. Our compasses can be demagnetized, and we use travel as an escape to figure out where we need to be going. 


Today on the episode, we are lost. Travelers will tell us stories about being disoriented in every sense of the word. We will lose important objects, get turned around, be lost in translation, and lose ourselves in the ideas of others. As we try to find our way, we will see what being lost can actually do for us. Have your GPS out, we will need a good sense of direction.


Guests: Castaway with Crystal, Jessie on a Journey, Rhonda Handsome, Jeff Simmermon