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Strangers Abroad

Jan 15, 2017

Tulum: Mexico Have you ever felt that all the gadgets and things you have bought for yourself still leaves you emotionally unsatisfied? Have you ever thought of selling everything you have to hit the open road?Ed and V Noriega were having those same feelings too. They realized that they were running out of time to see the world before committing to the biggest responsibility of all:children. So they sold all they had ( profitable companies and all their tech toys) to go and explore other corners of the world. They have made a vow to not have children until they have been to 50 countries together. Listen to “ 50 Countries before Kids” and see whether the choice to abandon their stable lives to explore for a few years has paid off. Hear their story on Strangers Abroad! Download and subscribe to Strangers Abroad on iTunes! This episode was edited by Jay Dixit, sound engineered by Sean Sullivan, and music was provided by Josh Brechner.