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Strangers Abroad

Apr 21, 2020

The whiff of challah bread or bite into roasted corn can transport you back to journeys you had long ago. Nothing like food can stir a deep hunger within us to trekk thousands of miles to find the perfect spring roll. 

It not only motivates our travels but helps us understand where we are and who we are with. Invisible lines portion Moroccan tagine dishes, slurping noodles loudly is a high complement in Japan, while Mexicans are unable to eat anything without salsa on it. When we sit down at someone else's kitchen, we aren’t just enjoying their food we are enjoying their perspective on how to nourish our bodies. 

Food is an essential ingredient to having a rich experience abroad. It expands more than our waistlines. It expands how we understand each other and the cosmic soup we are all simmering in. 

Featured Guests: Dan Pashman ( The Sporkful), Jonathan Berg ( Master Chef) Daryl and Mindy Hirsch ( Two Food Trippers), Chris Lueke ( Pubcast World Wide), Ubish Yaren ( Cultura Nacional)